Streetfighter Cockpit Acewell ACE-3803

169.95 99.95

Complete streetfigter cockpit
Met alle mogelijkheden die een standaard motor cockpit ook heeft
Ideaal voor de zelfbouwers of als het dashboard van je motor beschadigd is.

Elders kost deze Acewell ACE-3803 ca € 170.- !!

Bij Lazy Ninja nu slechts € 99.95 !!


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The ‘original’ Acewell speedometer, an ACE-3100 digital speedometer and tacho with clock and a clip-on surround containing 6 warning lamps.

This speedometer is OEM fitment to various Gas-Gas, Honda, Jawa and TGB motorcycles and ATVs

warning lamp options
Model Number Positive switching Negative Switching
  • Digial Speed Readout (SPD)
  • Maximum Speed Display (MAX SPD)
  • Average Speed Display (AVG)
  • Odometer (ODO)
  • Trip Meter
  • Clock
  • Resettable Riding Timer (RT)
  • Non-resettable Riding Timer (TT)
  • Warning Lamps
  • Warning Symbols Backlit
  • Digital Rev Counter
  • Programmable Shift Light
  • Bar Chart Rev Counter
  • Backlight
  • Waterproof Computer
  • Plastic Case
  • CNC Case
  • EMI/EMS Tested CE And E-Marked
  • Vibration (8G) And Mechanical Shock (100G) Tested.
warning lamps
Positive switching Negative Switching
Features Specification
Model Number ACE-38xx
Digial Speed Readout (SPD) 0 – 186MPH / 300Km/h
Maximum Speed Display (MAX SPD) 0 – 186MPH / 300Km/h
Average Speed Display (AVG) 0 – 186MPH / 300Km/h
Max Speed Sensor Input Frequency 100Hz (reed sensor / hall sensor / cable drive speedo only)
Odometer (ODO) 0-999,999 km / 0-624,999 miles
Trip Meter 2 trips, 0-999 km / 0-625 miles
Clock 12 / 24 hour clock, also displayed when ignition is off
Resettable Riding Timer (RT) 0 – 99h 59min 59sec
Non-resettable Riding Timer (TT) 0 – 9999h 59min
Warning Lamps up to 8 depending on exact model
Digital Rev Counter 0-20,000 RPM
Bar Chart Rev Counter 0-11,000 RPM
Operating Power 12v (DC, Negative earth)
Backlight Blue backlight
Connector Plugs 110 series
Plastic Case Dimensions 130 x 78 x 28mm
CNC Case Dimensions version AB or CP: 130 x 78 x 28mm
Case black / silver & grey plastic with black surround or black / chrome CNC case
Power On ignition key
Compatible Wheel Size 1-3999mm
included in the kit
  • Head unit
  • Mounting Bracket: ACE-Y Stainless steel bracket
  • Mounting Kit: stainless steel nuts, washers, anti vibration washers
  • Speed Sensor: Reed sensor or hall sensor options
  • Mating multipin plugs and cables to solder / crimp into bike wiring (pigtails)
  • Operating Instructions
  • Wiring diagram
Streetfighter Cockpit Acewell ACE-3803